Things to Do in Tanjung Bira

The sun, the sand and the sea...

What a great place to go for a beach getaway! Tanjung Bira is situated on a narrow peninsula jutting out from the mainland, so you will find several beautiful white sandy beaches with clear turquoise water dotted all the way up along the east coast, and a few along the west coast too.

So why not rent a motorbike and go exploring? Just grab your beach towel, bathers and sunglasses and your ready to go!

Beaches along the east coast are Pantai Timur, Marumasa, Kasuso, Apparalang, Mandala Ria and Samboang. Along the western coast are Pasir Putih, Bara beach and Lemo Lemo beach.

Awesome Diving in Indonesia - Tanjung Bira

Tanjung Bira is well known for its unspoilt reefs and beautiful corals, and is often referred to as the "coral triangle" of the world. With over 16 dive sites in the area, there are locations suitable for divers with all levels of experience. Stingrays, barracudas, reef sharks, and hawksbill turtles are just a taste of what you may see on a typical dive, and Bira has great macro life too!

A popular dive spot is the sheer walls off Pulau Kambing (Goat Island), which lies between Bira and Selayar Island. There is a Dive Center just 200 meters from Kaluku Cottages. See our diving faq for more info.

Traditional Phinisi Boat Building

You can now view traditional phinisi boats, or pinisi schooners under construction just a 5 minute stroll up the beach from Kaluku Cottages. Some of the boat builders from Tanah Beru have now relocated their boat buiding businesses right here in Tanjung Bira! So you no longer need to travel long distances to observe these magnificent boats up close.

The typical "Bugis" phinisi have 2 masts and 7 sails, and are still built using traditional tools and techniques. You will find boats of all sizes being built here with the largest one so far measuring 50 meters long & weighing a massive 700 tons.

Snorkeling around Bira

Bira beach has become a popular place for snorkeling, especially along the coral reefs that hug the coastline. To experience the more impressive reefs, like the ones surrounding Liukang Island, you will need to charter a local fishing boat to get there, which takes around 20 minutes.

In the crystal clear waters here you're likely to see plenty of colorful marine life and good coral growth. Hawksbill and green sea turtles are frequently spotted, as well as some great macro too - scorpion fish, pipefish and pygmy seahorses.

Pua Janggo Lookout

Hike up to the lookout at Pua Janggo (1.7 km), which is situated 400 mt above sea level and offers spectacular panoramic views of Tanjung Bira and the surrounding islands.

In one direction you can see as far as the port of Bulukumba with Mt Bawakaraeng looming in the background, and in another over to Liukang island and Pulau Kambing (Goat Island) and even as far as Selayar island & beyond.

If you're a bit more adventurous, you can explore some of the many caves found in this area, but be sure to take a torch with you!

Traditional Silk Weaving in Tanjung Bira

As you wander around the village of Bira you will still find (and hear) the local women weaving silk sarongs underneath their houses. There is a weaving "co-op" near Kaluku Cottages, where you can watch silk weavers practice their craft passed down through the generations from their mothers and grandmothers.

These colourful hand dyed silk sarongs are still woven on traditional hand operated looms. The process begins with spinning and dyeing the thread, followed by threading the loom ready for weaving. You will often see the beautiful silk fabric at different stages of the development process, including the finished product ready for sale.

Banana Boats in Pantai Bira

Banana Boat rides are a fun and exciting beach activity for both children and adults alike! The Banana boats in Pantai Bira are towed behind a speed boat by experienced operators, and can take up to 5 passengers at a time. They are usually available for hire on the weekends and national holidays, and life jackets are provided for everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Just climb on and hang on! Just make sure to wear your swimming gear, as you're going to get wet from all that sea spray!

Monkey Spotting around Tanjung Bira

If you wander through the forests in Tanjung Bira you are likely to spot the 'Celebes Moor Macaque' monkeys, which have short stub tails. They sleep and eat in the trees , but also spend a lot of time on the ground. They feed on fruit, leaves, flowers & insects.

To increase your chances of spotting a monkey, try going out for a walk early morning or mid-afternoon when they are feeding in the trees. You can often find them on the way up to the Pua Janggo Lookout. Watch the tree tops for branches that suddenly move. If you are quiet, you will usually hear them before you see them.

Fishing around Tanjung Bira

As Pantai Bira or Tanjung Bira is a well known fishing village you can expect some good fishing in these parts. Locally chartered motorised fishing boats are available for hire where your captain will take you to some of their favourite fishing spots.

Just some of the big fish you may come across whilst on a fishing trip in Bira are: tuna, trevally, snapper, barracuda & cod.

If you prefer to keep your feet on the ground, why not try your hand at fishing off the pier down at the Bira harbour?